June, 2015

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  • Take My Life, And Let It Be (2015) trumpet + organ

    This prelude and postlude pair was written for Robert Giambruno and the Installation Service of Pastor Lenny Szeto at Zion Lutheran Church in San Francisco on June 21, 2015. They are based on the hymn (LSB 784) by Henri A. C. Malan (1787-1864).

    Score Available – Take My Life And Let It Be - Hovatter (preview)

    USD $5



  • Four Poems by Vachel Lindsay (2015) soprano, flute + piano

    Nicholas_Vachel_Lindsay_1913Vachel Lindsay (1879-1931) was briefly famous in the 1910’s as a traveling singing poet who would chant or sing his own poetry while wandering through the United States. Yet later in life he faded into obscurity, often bartering his pamphlet “Rhymes to Be Traded for Bread” in exchange for food. Lindsay eventually commit suicide by ingesting Lysol. This setting of four poems was commissioned by Carrie Zhang and her Classical Trio Impromptu for their performances in the Bing Music Series at Stanford Hospital.

    Recording and Score Coming Soon

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