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  • Three Poems Around Thomas Wolfe (2018) soprano, clarinet, violin, cello + piano

    This is written in loving memory of my grandmother,
    Rita Francis Sever (1923-2018).

    Thomas Clayton Wolfe (1900-1938) was primarily an American novelist and playwright who held poetry in such a high esteem that he would not claim to have written it. Wolfe died shortly before his 38th birthday leaving less than half of his works unpublished. John S. Barnes then scoured his novels and plays to arrange smaller sections of writings into verse. It could be argued that Wolfe’s works were hacked into verse by Barnes. I have now since twisted Barnes’ text even further to arrive at smaller snippets.
    In the first movement, the text describes a narrator in early 20th Century Brooklyn listening out her window to the sounds of her city. She overhears the small talk of two neighbors. One of the neighbors has been away and learns from the other that a fellow neighbor has passed away while she has been gone.
    The second and third movements are then reactions to the first. The second is light and buoyant, and the third is a form of dance.

    Live video recording at the Center for New Music San Francisco – August 24,2018
  • Two Memorials (2018) clarinet, violin, cello + piano

    Premiered – August 24, 2018

    Sophie Huet, clarinet; Mia Nardi-Huffman, violin; Bridget Pasker, cello; Naomi Stine, piano

    Program Note: Two Memorials is based on two tunes from the 1835 hymnal “Southern Harmony”. The sketches against these two hymn melodies, In Adam We Have All Been One + What Wondrous Love, were written shortly after two of my uncles’ deaths and then fully composed in August 2018 as a tribute.

    The piece is in loving memory of
    Roy Queen (1953-2015) + Terry Severhill (1950-2017).

  • The Round (2018) soprano + flute: text by Walter de la Mare

    Live recording from Holy Innocents Episcopal Church San Francisco – May 5, 2018
  • cold (2017) two flutes

    “cold” was premiered by the Siroko Duo on January 27th, 2018 at Seventh Avenue Presbyterian, presented by Seventh Avenue Performances.  [/embedyt] 

  • a circle for the head (2017) bass clarinet + eight clarinets

    This concertino for solo bass clarinet accompanied by eight clarinets was commissioned by Jeff Anderle with support from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. It was premiered at his April 3, 2017 Faculty Artist Recital titled “History of the Bass Clarinet, Part 3, America, 2007-2017”.

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