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  • we resist the brightness (2016) horn + bass clarinet

    Written for and commissioned by Emelie Pfaff and Lara Mitofsky Neuss

    Premiere Feb 28, 2016 at Colorado State University

    Recording Coming Soon

    “We Resist the Brightness” ii written for haegeum + viola was written for Soo-yeon Lyuh and Ellen Ruth Rose

    Recording Coming Soon

  • Homer Collyer Blind II (2015) two bass clarinets

    CollyerPark-300x225In E. L. Doctorow’s novel “Homer and Langley”, based on Manhattan’s notorious Fifth Avenue compulsively hoarding Collyer brothers, Doctorow first introduces his character Homer as he is losing his sight. Homer is keen to notice the gradual fade out. Individual details are lost, then whole images are distorted, and finally he is completely blind. In the darkness he can hear a sound made by an ice skater that was always present but never noticed: “a soft sound though full of intention, a deeper tone than you’d expect made by the skate blades, perhaps for having sounded the resonant basso under the ice, scoot scut, scoot scut.”

    My deepest thanks to Lara Mitofsky Neuss and Justin Cummings for commissioning this three movement work originally for bassoon and bass clarinet.

    Arranged for Swqonk –

    Approximate Duration: 9 minutes

    Score and Recording for Two Bass Clarinets Coming Soon

    Recording of Bassoon and Bass Clarinet



  • “I saw a man pursuing the horizon” (2015) two bass clarinets

    Based off of the poem by Stephen Crane and written for Lara Mitofsky Neuss
    Recording by Jeff Anderle and Jon Russell begins at 29 minutes and 18 seconds
    Recording from Lara Mitofsky Neuss' May 1, 2015 Concert "She Walks to the Beat" with Asa Graf
    "I saw a man pursuing the horizon"BY STEPHEN CRANE
    I saw a man pursuing the horizon;
    Round and round they sped.
    I was disturbed at this;
    I accosted the man.
    “It is futile,” I said,
    “You can never —”
    “You lie,” he cried,
    And ran on.
  • Gavotte for Elly (2014) chamber ensemble

    ElinorArmerConcert2014mar14,2015 Gavotte for EllyCommissioned for Elinor Armer’s 75th Birthday Celebration

    Program Note: When presented with the opportunity to write for Elly’s festivities, overwhelmed ridiculosity ensued. There were too many options. I would have loved to work on a grand opera that reached the absurd puns saturation point, but time and instrumentation restraints brought me back down to
    earth. Elly helped instill a love of plundering other composers’ work. This inspired my tinkering with Bach’s “Gavotte in G Minor BWV 822”. The arrived at dance has little in common with the baroque gavotte. Instead an attempt at rhythmic, Milhaudian joy is offered in celebration of the greatest mentor, composer, inspiration and friend.IMG_4439

    Recording Coming Soon

  • I Might Speak (2015) flute, bassoon + piano


    Imagine Music PublishingScore Published Through Imagine Music Publishing





    Center for New Music in San Francisco, Sept. 30, 2015 – 7:30pm
    San Jose State University, October 1st, 2015 – 12:15pm
    Sacramento State University, October 2nd, 2015 -4:00pm

    Program Note: When granted the opportunity to write for the Silver Keys Trio’s instrumentation, my wife and I had just begun to expect our new daughter. I swung between exhaustive fragility and terrifying elation and still do with Alice now here and born. This text has become my much needed mantra, as anything I do, from parenting to music, is destined to fail without love. My deepest thanks go to the virtuosic Silver Keys Trio for organizing the commissioning consortium that brought about this seven movement piece.

    I Might Speak
    With Tongues of Angles
    Yet Without Love
    Have Now Become
    A Clanging Cymbal

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