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  • Plum Green (2012) bassoon + piano

    Score Available through Imagine Music Publishing

    ImagineLogo Plum Green is three movements of clashing and blending two distinct colors. The piece was begun in December 2010 as a commission from Benjamin Opp to be premiered at his 2011 Faculty Recital.  Because of its size and magnitude, Plum Green was Kyle Hovatter’s “Thesis Piece” for his graduate studies at San Francisco Conservatory.The piece is dedicated to two fantastic musicians and friends, Benjamin and Samantha Opp.  


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  • Aloft (2011) violin, cello + piano

    Awarded the 2012 Kris Getz Award at the San Francisco Conservatory

    “Aloft” for violin, cello, and piano is music about music. Inspired by the cherubic sensations heard in Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet, this melodic allusion to the shared musical language of Debussy blurs ancestry and existent. No revolution is attempted – only respectful applause of the enduring.

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    Live recording of Kevin Rogers, violin; Anne Suda, Cello; Stepan Rudenko, piano  SFNewmusic’s “For the End of Time” at Zion Lutheran Church in San Francisco, CA. May 14, 2011

     Score No Longer Available

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