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  • My Grave (2012) based on the poetry of Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    piano, field recording + processing

    By Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919)

    If, when I die, I must be buried, let
    No cemetery engulph me — no lone grot,
    Where the great palpitating world comes not,
    Save when, with heart bowed down and eyelids wet,
    It pays its last sad melancholy debt
    To some outjourneying pilgrim. May my lot
    Be rather to lie in some much-used spot,
    Where human life, with all its noise and fret,
    Throbs on about me. Let the roll of wheels,
    With all earth’s sounds of pleasure, commerce, love,
    And rush of hurrying feet surge o’er my head.
    Even in my grave I shall be one who feels
    Close kinship with the pulsing world above;
    And too deep silence would distress me, dead.

  • Heir’s Landscape (2012) fixed media

    flute, viola, guitar, field recording + processing

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  • Crab Canon (2011) piano + processing

    A solo piano track processed to accompany itself in reverse.

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