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  • Gavotte for Elly (2014) chamber ensemble

    ElinorArmerConcert2014mar14,2015 Gavotte for EllyCommissioned for Elinor Armer’s 75th Birthday Celebration

    Program Note: When presented with the opportunity to write for Elly’s festivities, overwhelmed ridiculosity ensued. There were too many options. I would have loved to work on a grand opera that reached the absurd puns saturation point, but time and instrumentation restraints brought me back down to
    earth. Elly helped instill a love of plundering other composers’ work. This inspired my tinkering with Bach’s “Gavotte in G Minor BWV 822”. The arrived at dance has little in common with the baroque gavotte. Instead an attempt at rhythmic, Milhaudian joy is offered in celebration of the greatest mentor, composer, inspiration and friend.IMG_4439

    Recording Coming Soon

  • My Toy Bullion (2012) chamber orchestra

    “My Toy Bullion” for Chamber Orchestra is impish fixation and fervent tinkering withJ.S. Bach’s Goldberg Aria.MyToyBullion

    Nicole Paiement conducting the
    SFCM New Music Ensemble
    San Francisco, California on April 17, 2012


  • Introduction and Anachronism (2007) chamber orchestra

    This two movement piece for chamber orchestra is an ode to the impracticality of music study, a tribute to those that embrace it regardless, and a befitting dedication to the inspiring and timeless Sarah Alice.

    Premiere Recordings:
    University of the Pacific in Stockton, California on March 1, 2008

  • Katzenjammer (2011) chamber orchestra

    “Our hero forcefully confronts the lie of his hallucination; with disorienting torment allowed – then embraced. Hashtag Don’t Do Drugs.”

    Jacques Desjardins conducting the
    SFCM New Music Ensemble April 12, 2011

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