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  • In Your Midst (2017) soprano + organ

    Written for and premiered by Danielle Sampson February 2017 https://www.daniellesampson.com/bio/

    Performed June 10, 2018 by Winnie Nieh http://www.winnienieh.com/

  • Still Waiting (2016) soprano + piano

    This piece was written for and commissioned by Jane Spencer Mills. The text was written by Jane’s mother Judith Spencer.

    Still Waiting by Judith Spencer

    Couldn’t wait to grow up,
    So I could play with the big kids
    Mummy said “wait“.  
    You’ll get there.

    Couldn’t wait to start school,
    Ride on the bus like the big kids.
    Mummy said “wait“.
    You’ll get there.

    Couldn’t wait to wear lipstick, 
    Maybe eyebrow pencil like the popular girls.
    Mother said “wait“.
    You’ll get there.

    Couldn’t wait to get a driver’s license
    So I wouldn’t have to wait for the Parents 
    To retrieve me from the dance.
    Mother said “wait“.
    You’ll get there.

    Couldn’t wait to go “away” to college,
    New world, no Parents, no curfew.
    Mom said “wait“.
    You’ll get there.

    Couldn’t wait to get a job,
    Share an apartment, 
    Maybe loose my virginity.  
    Friends said “wait“.
    You’ll get there.
    (Didn’t ask Mom)

    Couldn’t wait to marry my guy, 
    Have children, become a real woman.
    My guy said “wait“.
    We’ll get there.

    Couldn’t wait for the youngest child to start school, 
    So I could pick up on a career.
    My guy said “wait“.
    We’ll get there.

    Could ‘t wait to finally retire, my guy and I,
    To see some of the bigger world and discover ourselves in it?
    My guy said “wait“.
    We’ll get there.

    Well, life happened and he passed on before me.
    I wish he could have waited.

    But I’m still here
    And I can’t wait for this day to open itself to me.
    Don’t worry.
    I’ll get there.

  • “The Craigslist Oracle” (2017) 48 Hour Opera Festival

    For more information on Opera Theatre Unlimited  “48 Hour Opera Festival” http://www.operatheaterunlimited.com/

    Custom Made Theater, San Francisco apr 30, 2017
    Composer – Kyle Hovatter
    Librettist – Barry Eitel – https://barryeitel.com/
    Stage Director – Brendan Hartnett
    Pianist – Paul Dab – http://pauldab.com/
    Fortune Teller – Ana Paula Cunningham, soprano
    Husband – Michael Orlinsky, tenor – http://www.mebaritone.com/
    Wife – Elaine Hsieh, soprano – https://sites.google.com/site/elainehsieh/

  • on a flat stone over his grave (2016) soprano + theorbo

    pdf: download pdf

    This piece was written for and commissioned by Jarring Sounds (Danielle Sampson + Adam Cockerham) for their June 2016 “Elegy” themed concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area. The text is adapted from a portion of the Latin inscription above the tomb of Henry Purcell.

    Applaud so great a guest, Celestial powers.
    Who now resides with you, but once was ours.
    Dy’d! No, he lives while yonder organ sounds
    and sacred echoes to the choir rebound.


  • Five Poems by Matthew Zapruder (2015) soprano + piano

    Jill Morgan Brenner’s – I Sing Words: The Poetry Project

     A collaboration between poets, composers, and performers alike; Brenner will be premiering an evening of art songs written by living composers and poets with pianist Anne Rainwater. In an effort to further music for classical singers to come, Brenner came up with the idea to fascilitate the creation of new and accesible music.


    Poetry Project Poster

    Jill Morgan Brenner



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