Four Poems by T. E. Hulme (2014) soprano + theorbo

Written for and premiered by Jarring Sounds –

The Theorbo is notated with fretted strings on the treble clef and open strings on the bass clef.

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Susan Ann and Immortality
Her head hung down
Gazed at earth, finally keen,
As the rabbit at the stoat,
Till the earth was sky,
Sky that was green,
And brown clouds passed
Like chestnut leaves along the ground.

As a Fowl
As a fowl in the tall grass lies
Beneath the terror of the hawk,
The tressed white light crept
Whispering with hand on mouth mysterious
Hunting the leaping shadows in straight streets
By the white house of Flemish towns

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LIGHTHEARTED I walked into the valley wood
In the time of hyacinths,
Till beauty like a scented cloth
Cast over, stifled me.
I was bound Motionless and faint of breath
By loveliness that is her own eunuch.
Now pass I the final river
Ignominiously, in a sack, without a sound,
As any peeping Turk to the Bosphorous.

Strange to me the sounds the wind that blows
By the masthead in the lonely night.
Maybe ’tis the sea whistling–feigning joy
To hide its fright
Like a village boy
That, shivering, past the churchyard goes.