Music for Alice’s Room (2015) lp

MusicforAlicefinalIn May 2014 Alice Danielle Hovatter was born. Celebrating, I asked a few talented friends if they would be able to make some “furniture” music in order to christen her nursery. The response was overwhelming! These 14 tracks are a compilation of music made for Alice’s room. All proceeds go directly to those friends that jumped at the opportunity to create beautiful music for little Alice’s room.

  • First Born - Kyle Hovatter
    handbells, piano, organ + field recordings

  • A La Rorro Niño - Kevin Villalta
    electric guitars, glockenspiel + processing


    Lullaby baby
    Lullaby now.
    Sleep my baby,
    Sleep my love.This pretty baby
    Who was born in the morning,
    Wants to be taken
    For a jalopy ride.This sweet baby
    Who was born during the day,
    Wants to be taken
    To the candy shop.This pretty baby
    Who was born at night,
    Wants to be taken
    For a stroller ride.This pretty baby
    Wants to sleep
    But the naughty sleep
    Doesn’t want to come.This pretty baby
    Who was born at night,
    Wants to be taken
    For a stroller ride.
  • Room Piece (Matins) - Danny Clay
    Processed piano and vinyl on fixed media
    Fall 2014
    San Francisco, CA

  • Stops a Butterfly (Remix of Joseph M. Colombo) - Kyle Hovatter
    Joseph M. Colombo original + processing

    Colombo’s Original:

  • Love Each Trait - Mario Godoy
     Love Each Trait is a piece about the contemplative observation of the world unfolding around you and the wonderment that is felt in its mysterious beauty; quietly taking stock of all of its knowns and its unknowns.  Even the moments in our experience that may initially inspire fear further serve to make the magnificence of our world’s entirety even greater.

    Timbres used (in order of appearance) :
    A synthesized texture that is reminiscent of the sound of distant voices carried on the wind, Sampled voice, Processed Electric Guitar,  Sub-bass tones.
  • Anachronism Remix - Kyle Hovatter
    orchestra + processing

  • Days Will Come (Excerpt) - Joseph M. Colombo
     This is an excerpt from a 2:45:00 long work, commissioned by Kyle Hovatter for his daughter Alice.

    timbres (used in this excerpt): oscillating metal strings, nymph tears

  • Velvet Shoes - Kyle Hovatter
    ukulele, field recording + processing


    Velvet Shoes by Elinor WylieLet us walk in the white snow
    In a soundless space;
    With footsteps quiet and slow,
    At a tranquil pace,
    Under veils of white lace.I shall go shod in silk,
    And you in wool,
    White as white cow’s milk,
    More beautiful
    Than the breast of a gull.We shall walk through the still town
    In a windless peace;
    We shall step upon white down,
    Upon silver fleece,
    Upon softer than these.We shall walk in velvet shoes:
    Wherever we go
    Silence will fall like dews
    On white silence below.
    We shall walk in the snow.
  • Go Bug (Got You)
    The piece is about curiosity and playfulness through time, location, age, and culture. It starts small and gets progressively more layered as the child’s imagination grows increasingly larger and more elaborate.

    The crickets are from Vermont.

    The child and his grandpa talking in Spanish and dancing are from Malaga, Spain. I ran into this kid at a public park with an open bell floor and he was making stuff up. I kind of excerpted things here and there to make a piece I liked.

    The rain and soft thunder is from Rome.

    The church bells are in Rome.

    The fountain and owls/birds at the end are from Florence, I believe.

    The bell in the quiet part is from an open air market in Thailand.

  • Whether the Liles (Remix of Danny Clay) - Kyle Hovatter
    Danny Clay original, added field recordings + processingA remix of my friend and great composer’s piece “whether the lilies are white in the garden, or there is snow on the ground”. Not wanting to alter Danny Clay’s sound world too greatly, this remix is a different viewer’s perspective of the same events.Danny Clay’s Original:
  • From Above - David Gottlieb
    scored for Irish Flute, Tenor Overtone Flute, Shiva’s Whistle, Shepherd’s Pipe, Gemshorn, and Bass Flute.
  • Communion Music Around A - Kyle Hovatter
    A notated improvisation realized with the help of Matthias McIntire and Danny Clay Live at Zion Lutheran Church in San Francisco
    September 15, 2013Matthias McIntire, viola
    Danny Clay, piano
    Kyle Hovatter, piano
  • Room Piece (Nocturne) - Danny Clay
    Processed piano and vinyl on fixed media
    Fall 2014
    San Francisco, CA
  • Till, With the Vision Glorious, Her Longing Eyes Are Blest - Hovatter
    two pianos, viola, field recording + processing
    Danny Clay + Kyle Hovatter, pianos; Luis Escareño, viola

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